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JavaScript as a programming language

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JavaScript has a bad reputation. It does have a few warts, but at its core it’s an okay language, and much of the ire ought to be directed at its users instead: amateur programmers with poor taste. JavaScript can’t be blamed for making it easy for them to implement their ill-considered ideas, but it often is. It is also significant that JavaScript has a somewhat unique relationship with its “users”, in the following sense. With most programming languages, one doesn’t know one is using the language unless one is programming in it. But think about what it means to have JavaScript enabled on your browser: you are basically inviting every random website to run code on your browser, and while your browser happily gives up control over all its aspects to the random code, it gives you no control over what code runs! Is it any surprise that a lot of people simply hate JavaScript for what it makes possible? The only surprising thing is that it took so long for control to be returned to the user of the browser, in the form of Greasemonkey. “Client-side” is a misnomer when only the computation happens on the client side but everything is decided by the server.
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Fri, 2008-08-08 at 21:59:11

Tech secrets of overprolific alpha-geeks

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Cory Doctorow’s running notes from Danny O’Brien’s presentations:

here, here, and here.

Covers habits many of us seem to have picked up: Using shells, using plain text, using one app (JWZ’s law), private blogs for organising stuff, those embarrassing scripts in ~/bin.

The third is more high-level:

The thing everyone wants to know how to implement this [GTD] and not
get trapped putting things in folders all day long.

“Improved focus can be achieved through activities such as meditation, yoga and turning off Instant Messaging” – Ulrich Mayr, U Oregon.

I use a proxy that replaces all my web-sessions after 10 min with a page that says DO YOU REALLY WANT TO LOOK AT THE WEB OR DO YOU HAVE WORK TO DO.

the tragedy of the task bar where sixty apps all try to tell you your wireless card is working.

One day I’ll get more coherent…

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