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“What I need…

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… is a movie that is an hour and a half of River Tam beating up dinosaurs.”

Randall Munroe at Google:

Look at 21:30: What’s Knuth doing at Google?!

Update [thanks Arpith]: An account of Randall Munroe’s visit to Google by Ellen Spertus who invited him, and whom Knuth mentions in his question.


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Fri, 2007-12-21 at 03:13:57

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Bitching about science

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For those who haven’t noticed:
“Science”, XKCD #54 and PHD #941 are in direct disagreement.

The point about the COBE mission, explained by Randall Munroe, is that it gave an amazing fit between theory and data.

And I remember something about the theory itself being somewhat normalized against the data… or was it? I can’t find it now…

But this (admittedly impressive) coincidence is all they have to go on.

Much of “science” isn’t really.

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Mon, 2007-12-03 at 03:22:07

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