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Kannada dictionary online

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The absence of a Kannada dictionary online has been a source of pain for a while (unlike Sanskrit dictionaries). Mohan pointed me to the one at with the warning that it is very slow. He also found that the Internet Archive has a scanned copy of the Kittel dictionary (A Kannada-English school-dictionary : chiefly based on the labours of the Rev. Dr. F. Kittel, by the Rev. J. Bucher (1899)). This is actually a fairly good dictionary and could serve most common purposes. Until someone digitizes it and puts it online (this version at least is out of copyright), we will have to make do with looking up words in this scanned copy. To make it easier to find the right page, below is an “index” to the dictionary. Look down the second column in the table below to find the approximate position of the word you want, then click on the corresponding link in the left column. The gap between successive entries is at most 10 pages, so you should be able to find any word with a click and at most 3 page flips. a        aDasatte        annu        artha A i I u        ura U, R RR, lR, lRR, e E ai o O au M H k        kampu        kAruNya        kusaku        kollAra kh g        gillA gh, G, c        citra ch, j        jIva jh, J, T Th, D Dh, N t        tAmbUla        tETu th, d        dumuku dh n        nikAya        neTTage p        parihAsa        punarnava        prabOdha ph b        bANali        bese bh m        marasuttu        mIru        mEle y r [?] l v        vidyamAna z S s        sambALisu        siddhAnta        sthAyi h        hiDi        hore L, [?]
Note: Pages 262–3 are missing, so from there on, printed page = 2 + number in link

Future work:

  • Extend this data to all pages in the dictionary (around 454/2 = 227)
  • Write a web interface where you can type a word/prefix and be taken to the exact page

Feel free to take it up.


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