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Getting back non-monospaced font in WordPress’s HTML editor

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So apparently some farsighted folks over at WordPress decided recently (see screenshots) that everyone who uses the HTML editor is using it to write code, rather than simply because the unpredictable “Visual” editor sucks so much. If you use WordPress, don’t like this change and would like to go back to using more normal fonts, (you can go complain at the appropriate places, or) open either Firebug console, or in Google Chrome go to View → Developer → Developer Tools and choose the console, and type

document.getElementById('content').style.cssText += "font-family: sans-serif;"

or whatever it is that you want. Making this a Greasemonkey/Stylish/whatever extension is left for others; I just want something quick to fix this annoyance.

Monospaced is fine for code, but typical monospaced fonts lack so many non-ASCII characters that all the glyph substitution makes it really ugly here.

These are (not) a few of my favourite fonts: Medley by WordPress

Edit: Looking around two days later, you can see complaints (I guess… I haven’t read them) here, here, here, etc., and the userscript here.

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Sun, 2011-06-05 at 04:35:52

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