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Firebug “console is undefined”

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If you’re using Firebug and don’t want to bother removing or commenting out all the console.log debug messages for users who aren’t, put this at the top:

if(typeof(console) === "undefined" || typeof(console.log) === "undefined") 
    var console = { log: function() { } };

This reminds me of the trick I use for C/C++ of putting debugging statements inside a macro:

D(cerr<<"The number is "<<n<<endl;);

where the macro D is defined as

#define D(A) A

when you want the debugging code to run, and

#define D(A) 

when you don’t. :-)

(The final semicolon after the D() is for Emacs to indent it reasonably.)

Update: Of course, the above are just hacky hacks to save typing. The “right” way for conditional C code is usually to use #ifdef DEBUG and the like, and the right way around the Firebug problem is to use something more general like this code at metamalcolm.

Written by S

Wed, 2009-08-05 at 14:32:15

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  2. For some reason I found this didn’t seem to want to work if you add all the parts of Firebug console into it, so ended up with:

    if (typeof(console) === “undefined” ||
    typeof(console.log) === “undefined” ||
    typeof(console.error) === “undefined”) {

    var console = new Object();
    console.log = function(fakeinput) { };
    console.error = function(fakeinput) { }; = function(fakeinput) { };
    console.debug = function(fakeinput) { };
    console.warn = function(fakeinput) { };


    …which does seem to work.

    Original only affected however if calling more than one of the console types, eg:


    …whcih will then tell me that console.error() is not defined. Not worked out why. Blooming J/Scripts. :)



    Fri, 2009-11-27 at 11:53:53

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