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Archive for October 30th, 2008

No more Knuth checks

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Have you seen the news? Knuth has announced that he will no longer be writing personal cheques, for security reasons. As an alternative, he suggests

Instead of writing personal checks, I’ll write personal certificates of deposit to each awardee’s account at the Bank of San Serriffe, which is an offshore institution that has branches in Blefuscu and Elbonia on the planet Pincus.

As most Knuth cheques are never cashed anyway (they “have apparently been cached”), this is perfectly as good and perfunctory as the old system, with the additional advantage that there is now a Hall of Fame :-)

Although it is brownie points that are being awarded now (“kudos, not escudos”), he also offers to find a way to send actual money to anyone who wants it :P

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