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Archive for September 25th, 2008

Svn locally (local Subversion for a single user)

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Because the existing top Google results suck, I keep having to waste time whenever I want to do this. [This = setting up a subversion repository in some directory on my filesystem, for use only by myself, so I don’t have to worry about remote access and what not.]

What should be the top result is Single-User Subversion on OnLamp.

Quick instructions:

  1. Decide a name (e.g. svnrepo) for the directory where the repository (the database etc., not the files) will be stored, go to the directory that will be its parent, and create the directory (and the repo) with: svnadmin create svnrepo.
  2. Decide a name (e.g. workspace) and location for your workspace (the directory where your files will actually be stored), and create it by checking out the (currently empty) repository into it with svn checkout file:///home/shreevatsa/path/to/svnrepo workspace.
  3. Go to the directory, create/copy files into it, add them with svn add filename, and commit with svn commit -m "Initial commit".

That’s it. Don’t bother with svn import, svn mkdir etc.
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