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Writing at windmills

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All of this fancy optimization stuff is called operations research.

–Joel Spolky’s latest column

As usual, Joel writes an article that is long, rambling, goes nowhere for most of its length, leaves you inclined to say “You have a point. An idiotic one, but a point.”, and is entirely a delight to read.
(To be sure, the last two seem less true for this one than usual: not only is there less of a point, the article is also less fun. But it fits the pattern.)

God save us from the Joels, Pauls and Steveys.

Update [2009-09-01]: I think what I meant by the last sentence was that these popular bloggers are such clear and entertaining writers that there’s a danger that our admiration for them might make us agree with them. Paul Graham is especially admirable: his perfectly edited writing stands out in comparison to most things on the internet… of course, if you think about what he says you’ll realise half the time that he’s completely wrong, but chances are that you wouldn’t have thought so clearly if he hadn’t written so clearly in the first place.

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