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“The broken link has been fixed. Thanks for being our first users!”

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I was going through my old logs, and found with the above at (08:46:03).

Here’s a timeline of Google Talk, from Wikipedia:

2005-08-23: The server was discovered, word got around on blogs, people logged in, the above happened, etc.
2005-08-24: Google Talk was officially announced.
2005-08-28: I set up Gaim etc. at home for my mother.
2005-08-30: First conversation, and she’s already asking questions like “Did you eat chapathis? Why are you still awake?” etc.
2006-02-07: Talk in Gmail!
2007-03-14: Google Talk Gadget
2007-11-26: Group chat, although it’s not perfect
2007-12-06: Gmail lets users log into AIM. Great, a multiprotocol IM client inside email, just what we needed. For this I blame Sean Egan, Google Talk employee and lead developer of an IM client that formerly had “AIM” in its name ;-)

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