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“Next up: habeas corpus for the CD rack”

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It is heartening to see mainstream media sources understand (a bit of) the issues concerning copyright and DRM that we have been discussing for so long. It gives one hope that sanity will eventually spread to the US and A, and some day perhaps even to Fox News.

For now, though, there is The Globe and Mail, Canada’s largest newspaper, reporting on the “Canadian DMCA” which, thanks to a public outcry, has been put off for now.

To quote:

[…]As anyone who has bought music from Apple has learned the hard way, companies are in the business of putting technological locks on their content. The classic example is songs bought on iTunes, which have built-in limits on where they can be played (iPods only!) and how they can be copied (hardly at all). The happy euphemism for this technique is Digital Rights Management, or DRM.[…]

[…]After all, not every act of copying is necessarily a copyright violation.[…]

[…]Surprise, surprise: The thought of making casual criminals of people who prod a piece of media in the wrong manner did not go down well. The thought that the contents of your personal video recorder might have certain unalienable rights is discomfiting, all right. Next up: habeas corpus for the CD rack.[…]

[…]While neither the law nor the lawsuits have managed to end music piracy by creating a climate of fear, they have succeeded quite nicely at creating a climate of resentment. The music industry displayed an uncanny knack for choosing media-friendly targets for lawsuits – grandmothers, little children, puppies – and have crafted for themselves a very public image as cigar-chomping, out-of-touch corporate bullies.[…]

[…]Copyright law matters. We’re lucky that, when the time came, the ground was so well prepared for the revolt that followed.[…]

Hooray for anti-Americanism :D


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Prepositions are one of the toughest areas of English for non-native speakers to learn correctly. (In my experience, mistakes involving prepositions are among the most common from Indian learners who have learnt to use articles :-))

The Language Log wonders today about prepositions, starting with In or on? Experience the power of splash screens by Mark Liberman, At that second, on that day, in that year by Geoffrey Pullum, an anecdote Preposition day at Language Log by Roger Shuy, a more detailed look In the car, on the bus by Geoffrey Pullum, and finally an attempt at a “logical” explanation, Dimensions, metaphors, and prepositions by John Lawler.

English is hard :)

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