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The LSC plays movies every weekend, to which I get free admission, and I usually watch all the films, no matter how bad I expect them to be :-)

Yesterday I saw 1408. It is a horror film based on a Stephen King short story. (It is about room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel, where…)

The movie isn’t bad at all. It even has a happy ending. (The director’s cut apparently doesn’t.)

I saw a poster that said it

ranks with The Shining as one of the best Stephen King adaptations ever.

Obviously, the guy forgot about The Shawshank Redemption.

One might argue that Shawshank wasn’t a horror movie, but then again, neither was The Shining.
Really: Watch the trailer, it’s hilarious:
[Created by Robert Ryang. A contest-winning entry.]

Neither was Psycho. Here’s the trailer to “Pscyho: A Love Story”; watch out for the “shower” scene: Pscyho: A Love Story (an ad might play first).

And “The Parent Trap” was made in 1961; too early for a film about lesbian teenagers, you’d think.
BTW that film was remade in 1998 debuting Lindsay Lohan as the 11-year-old twins, and there was the similar “It Takes Two” in 1995 with the Olsen twins as two unrelated 8-year-old (presumably) girls who happen to look identical.


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Mon, 2007-10-22 at 04:30:59

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  1. Hahahaha… Awesome! The shining trailer was the best! :D


    Tue, 2007-10-23 at 04:59:35

  2. I know :D that’s why I included only that one inline :)

    Also, I feel that the scariest thing about The Shining was looking at Shelly Duvall.


    Tue, 2007-10-23 at 06:06:07

  3. […] Other people have tried doing similar things, but this guy Buffalax is the best. It takes a certain kind of creativity to pick the words that fit best; others are too constrained by trying to make sense, it appears. How does the saying go — “Take care of the sounds and the sense will take care of itself”? (If you have seen Boten Anna, probably the only song about an IRC bot, you might enjoy its Buffalaxed version. Also possibly Chiranjeevi’s “Kill her” video.) Buffalax is Mike Sutton, “buffalaxed” is now a verb, and apparently “Prabhu Deva is commonly known on the internet as ‘Benny Lava’”. (And BTW his YouTube user icon is a reference to Robert Ryang’s trailer for The Shining, previously featured here on this blog.) […]

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