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Getting rid of stuff, and feeling rich

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A bunch of related things that I have been (coincidentally) encountering:

Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book Fooled by Randomness, which I was reading, mentions in passing that the relative performance (how much more did I earn this month than last month) and relative wealth (how richer my neighbours are) matter more to people’s happiness than their absolute counterparts do. Also that the pleasure of “having” things wears away quickly.

Anne Truitt Zelenka says similar stuff in her blog post, and also says “spend your money on experiences. Focus on doing things rather than having things”.

Paul Graham recently wrote an essay saying we overvalue stuff, and that clutter is exhaustive, get rid of it.

And 43Folders ran a series of posts on getting rid of clutter.

Hmm… getting rid of clutter. Maybe I should start with this “blog”.

[And I really mean coincidentally/accidentally: The book I picked up because I was bored, the blog I found while looking at something about a Python module, Paul Graham is on my feed list, and the last one I found while looking at some other random blog.]

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