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Reading random strangers’ blogs

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I just realised that by over-documenting your life, you might actually be bringing joy to others. Everyone complains that the internet is full of angsty teenagers describing what they had for lunch and dinner on blogs no one reads, but I’ve never understood what the problem is: I simply don’t visit those blogs…

But sometimes random people writing about random things can touch a chord and make one feel all warm and fuzzy inside :-) I don’t even know who Sacha Chua is, but I glance at some of her blog entries just because they’re on Planet Emacsen. And sometimes, such as when she describes how she got reading and brings nostalgia, or trying something fun and writes so well it makes me want to try it myself, I can’t help but decide I ought to at least document the more important bits of my life like—yikes, the report I’m supposed to be working on!

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Sun, 2007-07-29 at 04:01:03

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  1. yaaay!
    *cheers furiously*


    Sun, 2007-07-29 at 05:55:29

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