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"Consign them to dust and damp by way of preserving them"

A note on procrastination

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I don’t know how long I’ve had this “blog” — it shows archives from November 2005, so I guess at least a year. And in all that time, it has gone by the glorious name of “The title can be changed later, right?“. When I registered the blog and filled in that name, I expected to change it in a few minutes. Took me only a year. Finally it has a name, the title of one of my favourite short stories (borrowed name, but can’t get creative in a year).

Considering that this “blog” is precisely full of potentially interesting trivia that I have decided to “consign to dust and damp by way of preserving them”, I think this will do for now.

Now to get cracking on all the other things I’ve been procrastinating about for years…

[Funny; “All one knew about his skill in shooting was that he could hit a large stag at a ridiculously short range” seems to apply too well…]

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Sun, 2007-07-29 at 02:51:56

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