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Python GUI

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From what I can see, the two main contenders are tkinter (ships with the default distribution) and wxPython. The former is easier to learn, has a more “consistent” look, (which basically means it looks terrible everywhere?) and is more suited for quick-and-dirty tasks, etc…

WxPython seems to be the future, has more features, is harder to learn, is more typical of GUItookits, is more actively developed, trickier to install (for users), …

Comparisons here and here.

There is a chooser here.

Update[2007-11-10]: What was was I thinking when I wrote this post? There’s pyGTK and pyQT; why not use one of them? I don’t even know now. Anyway, an old article about toolkits.

[2007-11-20]: Also noticed I had another (private) post that was a link to:
learning python » Blog Archive » Creating a GUI using Python, WxWidgets, and wxPython

That blog also has other posts like this and this, and searching for “pygtk” gives some more posts… Must look at it and learn it sometime.

Random intro-to-python link I’m putting here: Python in a few minutes

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