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"Consign them to dust and damp by way of preserving them"


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Another source:
Another source:
A source:
[2011-09-04]: There’s a website for this, with links to real sources:

“Loose nut screws washers and bolts”.

When a midget spiritualist escaped from police: “Small Medium At Large”

“General flies back to front” (perhaps not even an intentional pun.)

“Man found dead in graveyard”

A boat load of illegal immigrants landed on Jupiter Island, which is somewhere in Florida: “Aliens land on Jupiter”.

“Icelandic fish talks – not likely”

From a newspaper in Normal, Illinois: “Normal Girl Weds Oblong Boy”

“Police Murder Suspect in Court”

“Sons of Toil Buried in Tons of Soil.”

Story about Renee Zellweger’s marriage. “Bridget Jones’s dowry.”

“New Vaccine May Contain Rabies”

“Passengers Hit by Cancelled Trains”

“STRIP CLUB SHOCK: Magistrates May Act on Indecent Shows”

“Iraqi Head Seeks Arms”

“Clinton Wins On Budget, But More Lies Ahead”

“Bank Drive-in Window Blocked by Board”

Ones I have actually found myself:
Church confirms she is pregnant

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  1. The last one seems to have been changed


    Mon, 2011-09-05 at 14:20:08

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