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GNOME and frustration

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There is no way of removing the “Shut down” menu — asked here. I asked here.

Even Linus is frustrated. Start here.
See also this Slashdot thread.

Thanks to mindwarp’s blog, I found that there has been more since the last time — an article points out that Linus even submitted patches to GNOME, while pointing out they were not “welcome”. I don’t know if they were accepted ;-)

Oh, and Linus is right, and he has always been this way.

A good thoughtful look at font selection dialogs here.

From Slashdot:

It’s a result of wanting to change things and realizing the devs didn’t think you needed to be able to change that w/o an hour of googling for which text file to edit, another half an hour of which setting to change and two more hours of figuring out how you did it wrong, how to fix it and then how to do it right.

(here), and

It’s even worse for the old Gnome users. One day, everything is working the way you want it and the next day, you install an “upgrade” only to find 10 features you were using yesterday are completely gone because “there are other ways of doing it and people will just have to adjust to the one way we picked.” It took years for Gnome 2 to get back some of the functionality in Gnome 1.x. Even now, it’s still not the same.

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Thu, 2007-02-08 at 14:40:13

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Is the Pope catholic? Does a bear shit in the woods?

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Getting xchat to open Firefox instead of whatever

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It’s covered in the XChat FAQ: What’s the deal with opening URLs in XChat on Unix/Linux?.

I manually added the “Open link in Firefox” option, and haven’t bothered figuring out how it works on Edgy’s Xchat (2.6.6), and decided to wait and see how things work in Feisty (Xchat 2.8.0), as the FAQ says everything’s changed in 2.8.0.

Update: I’m using Ubuntu Gutsy, which has XChat 2.8.4, and everything works fine by default, without having to tweak anything.

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Wed, 2007-02-07 at 21:20:58

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Debian/Ubuntu: Find out which packages are taking the most space

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There is a package called debian-goodies (that’s what it’s called on Ubuntu as well :-)) which has this utility called dpigs — for telling you which packages are “pigging out” on your system. (So install it with sudo apt-get install debian-goodies, and then run dpigs). This and other utilities, from the description:

 debget       - Fetch a .deb for a package in APT's database
 dpigs        - Show which installed packages occupy the most space
 debman       - Easily view man pages from a binary .deb without extracting
 checkrestart - Help to find and restart processes which are using old
                versions of upgraded files (such as libraries)
 popbugs      - Display a customized release-critical bug list based on
                packages you use (using popularity-contest data)


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Great, now J. M. Barrie is “racist” too

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A post at 123 I Love You triggered some Google-searching…
A piece of old news (from 1999!) that I find incredible and disturbing: Someone was fired for using the world niggardly. Found it, with a commentary, here.

This is a perfectly valid word, widely used in literature, and now they want everyone to stop using it? (Apparently, the rule of the idiots extends to words like masticate and pianist, for which I had to read the explanations to understand what the problems were.)

This is hard to believe/accept. I have similar things to say about the euphemism treadmill.

(Fortunately, there seems to a sliver of good news: Tom Clancy continues to use the word.

Bill Garvin’s Guaranteed Effective All-Occasion Non-Slanderous Political Smear Speech. Apparently it has a real-life (rumour) counterpart: See here and here.

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Symbol’s function definition is void: outline-font-lock-level

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Using Emacs and todoo-mode (the todoo library / todoo.el).
I got the message

Symbol’s function definition is void: outline-font-lock-level

whenever I tried to insert a new sub-item (using C-c M-i which is bound to todoo-insert-sub-item) in my TODO file. Searching Google gave someone’s old diary, from which (although it’s in Japanese ;-)) I found that it’s related to Debian bug 244681: emacs-goodies-el: todoo.el doesn’t work at XEmacs21. I’m using GNU Emacs and not XEmacs, though.

Update: Before you try the “fixes” below (and in the comment), try just downloading the latest version from Debian. It appears that this got reported as bug 447760, and got fixed.

Anyway, the fix (I haven’t learnt Emacs lisp, so this may be far from the “best” way to do it):

  1. Open the todoo.el file (M-x find-library RET todoo RET) and find the todoo-insert-sub-item function. (Better, use C-h f todoo-insert-sub-item RET and follow the link.)
  2. Replace (outline-font-lock-level) with a value, like 3 or something. You might also want to do the same in the other place that (outline-font-lock-level) is used — in the function todoo-indent-line
  3. Another solution, if you don’t want to / can’t edit the file (no permissions, for example), might be to define the function (outline-font-lock-level) — put (defun outline-font-lock-level nil 3) somewhere.

    Another solution might be to redefine the function entirely. This requires knowledge that I don’t have, but, for example, making some local transformations, I replaced it with this:

    (defun todoo-insert-sub-item ()
      "Insert a new todoo-sub-item."
      (goto-char (- (todoo-item-end) 1))
      (insert (concat (make-string todoo-indent-column ? )
                      todoo-sub-item-marker " \n"))

    The space after the ? is important.

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Sun, 2007-02-04 at 20:14:31