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Archive for February 8th, 2007

GNOME and frustration

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There is no way of removing the “Shut down” menu — asked here. I asked here.

Even Linus is frustrated. Start here.
See also this Slashdot thread.

Thanks to mindwarp’s blog, I found that there has been more since the last time — an article points out that Linus even submitted patches to GNOME, while pointing out they were not “welcome”. I don’t know if they were accepted ;-)

Oh, and Linus is right, and he has always been this way.

A good thoughtful look at font selection dialogs here.

From Slashdot:

It’s a result of wanting to change things and realizing the devs didn’t think you needed to be able to change that w/o an hour of googling for which text file to edit, another half an hour of which setting to change and two more hours of figuring out how you did it wrong, how to fix it and then how to do it right.

(here), and

It’s even worse for the old Gnome users. One day, everything is working the way you want it and the next day, you install an “upgrade” only to find 10 features you were using yesterday are completely gone because “there are other ways of doing it and people will just have to adjust to the one way we picked.” It took years for Gnome 2 to get back some of the functionality in Gnome 1.x. Even now, it’s still not the same.


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Is the Pope catholic? Does a bear shit in the woods?

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