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Archive for November 13th, 2006

BSNL DataOne’s DNS

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The manual I got asked me to use and as the domain-name servers, but it appears that this is not really optimal. I found other sources, and confirmed by looking at one particular DataOne manual.
Here are the first few lines of my /etc/resolv.conf now:

nameserver #BSNL, primary for South, secondary for North
nameserver #BSNL, primary for North, secondary for South
nameserver      #BSNL, primary for East
nameserver      #BSNL, secondary for West
nameserver #BSNL, primary for West, secondary for East
nameserver  #OpenDNS
nameserver  #OpenDNS

The first one is really faster slightly (about 63 ms instead of 79 ms, or so), but I doubt if it matters…

[Update, asked in the comments: use this on Windows.]

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Mon, 2006-11-13 at 16:41:46

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