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“Retard” talk

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Among the comments on this blog post, out of the blue, appear the following three gems:

umm well i bought my first starbucks coffee 2dee or wel at lesst meh mom bort it fo mii (not tht anii ov yew actuallii cer bt thtaint trha point k) x it was quite nyc bt hey i dont lyk coffee bt hey i yk the idea of drinkin the ame as sum kwl celeb ppl n suff ..hey im onlii 13 fo petes sake yes pete off bb isnt he funny nw yes i agree newayyy……………….chau x p.s im not a retard :(:( bt thats a gud thing :D

, (followed by

Holy shit xlouisex, hooked on phonics worked TOO well for you. Why did you even comment on this post? You’ve added absolutely NO value to the discussion, to yourself, or anyone else in the English speaking world. I honestly feel dumber having “read” it. P.S. you are a retard. 13 or not. You’re a retard. And it’s “ciao” not “chau” or “chow.” Have fun in English class. Say hello to Ralph Wiggum for me.


n alsooooo y wuda haf fun in englishh class nw tht jus wel cnfewsin i meeyn…english class suks! !

, and

heyy no fer it didnt wurk b4 the uva 1 n nw ther in tha lyk totalii rong orada owell sooooo iyah xx i reli dno y iv cem on this twice na??! :S oh yerr i bort anuffa *starrbukkz* tewdeh ther kwwl! :D n btw i dont think chau or chow or w/e is efen english soo yah kno wudnt a lern in languages or w/e or w/e bt hey….so…….n btw wat ar phonics…i dno y i comented n i dont no wat its abowt bt owelllllll n also hu on erth is ralph wiggum?? :S hmm sownds lyk sum random guy u jus med up bt owel i wil if i ever c ne1 cald it…evan is it?? :S heyy nd ar yoo guys al american?? i wna b american!! america is kwwwl!!!!!!! :D n am nt a retard am jus speshall *starr* in tha maykin xx :P luv yal x hehe x

. Wow. (Don’t ask how I found this….) Is it really possible that someone finds this simpler to understand than standard English?

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Fri, 2006-10-06 at 00:50:04

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  1. mii fwend wont pay mii my muney he os mii


    Fri, 2009-05-15 at 14:43:19

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