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Managing multiple Firefox profiles — roaming profiles

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Use Firefox on more than one computer, and it soon becomes messy: bookmarks, cookies, and settings saved at one place don’t work in the other place, etc.
What one needs is a “roaming profile”; look at its kb.mozillazine entry

Looking at various places on the net, it appears that the Roaming Profiles feature (or even better, Profile Sharing) doesn’t look like it will be implemented anytime soon.

In the meantime, simply copying the .mozilla directory over appears to (imperfectly) work. I’ve been able to use the same .mozilla directory in two places using rsync. It probably helps that they are both Debian systems. For best results, try (if you can arrange such things) to have the same path to the home directory in both places: apparently, some extensions, etc., use absolute paths (they have the paths hardcoded).

Also, here’s what I did when I changed my home directory because there wasn’t enough space left on the old partition:

cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/(profile folder)
for i in `grep "/home/shreevatsa" * -RlI`
    sed -i 's@/home/shreevatsa@/usr1/home/shreevatsa@g' $i

Ideally, of course, one should only have to edit at most a single file, like the instructions here. (I haven’t even read them.)


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Sun, 2006-04-23 at 19:37:00

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