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Gnome’s top panel: “Delete this panel”

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If you right-click on the top panel in Gnome and choose “Delete this panel”, it will be gone. I know I just made an obvious statement, but… but the whole top panel is gone!
IMHO, they should do away with “Delete this panel” and instead specify which panel you are deleting. I didn’t know what a “panel” was; I though I was deleting the notification-area or something, not the whole panel itself.
More importantly, after deleting the top panel, there is no easy way to revert the changes, or to restore the panel. Restarting gnome-panel has no effect. The only way I know to get it back is to delete all the Gnome settings files and restart. (BTW, I remember there is a package (probably gnome-reset) that helps resetting to the default settings.)
They should either warn more explicitly that “this panel” means the whole bar at the top, or do away with this option entirely (or make it easily undo-able). Who would want to delete the top panel anyway?

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Thu, 2005-12-08 at 09:57:00

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